10 Lucky Foods for the NEW YEAR!

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Say goodbye to last year and ring in the new year with these 10 lucky foods!

If you’re ready to look ahead to “all things new” next year, why not celebrate with 10 lucky foods to celebrate?

Here is our list of lucky foods based on our understanding of various cultures. You might just find a few new food to inspire your positivity this year!

  1. Grapes – Not only are grapes nutritious, colorful, and ready to eat, in some cultures, eating grapes at midnight (at the same time as making a wish), may very well make your wishes comes true. Why not grab a handful of these tasty baubles and capture the magic that comes when the bell tolls 12 am?
  2. Circular Foods – Another term for circular foods is any type of foods that are round. Eating “Full circle foods” is a sign of completion and good luck. What kinds of round foods do you enjoy? Chocolate truffles? Clementines? Peppermint candies? Grapefruits? Enjoy full circle foods on New Year’s Eve for a sign of a new start and completion in one!
  3. Rice – Although many people choose Chinese food for Christmas Day, what about enjoying rice on New Year’s Eve? Did you know that some people believe in the ability for rice to absorb negative thoughts, and therefore bring good luck? Rice is nice…especially on Dec 31st.
  4. Seafood – Seafood such as fresh fish, has been associated with good fortune. Are you looking to turn your bad luck into prosperity next year? Enjoy fresh cooked fish as part of your New Year’s meal.
  5. Red Fruits are a symbol of good luck so enjoying red apples, watermelon, pomegranates, raspberries, tomatoes, cherries and strawberries are all good options for ringing in the new year!
  6. Cornbread – The color of cornbread represents the color of gold, so eating cornbread is a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Try fresh baked cornbread with a side of honey butter to add a bit of sweetness to this tasty treat.
  7. Bring on the Bubbly – Champagne from the region in France, or any kind of light bubbly, is a traditional beverage consumed by many to ring in the New Year. Looking for something to pair it with? It’s believed that ripe red strawberries paired with light champagne will help bring out the flavors of the champagne while providing a balance of blended flavors.
  8. Cake – Perhaps Marie Antoinette, Queen of France, said it best when she said “Let them eat cake”. (Although the translation is more like…”let them eat brioche” a decedent egg bread), starving peasants did not take kindly to her off-the-cuff remark and ended up sending her to her death. Luck changed for the better for the French people, and cake has now become a symbol of good luck with many cultures around the world. Let them eat cake? Absolutely on Dec 31st!
  9. Black-Eyed Peas – Black-eyed peas are part of the bean and legume family, and considered to bring the person grand humility, and in turn, good fortune for their humble disposition.
  10. Noodles! Both China and Japan look to noodles for good luck and fortune, but thankfully the whole world can enjoy this tasty pasta goodness! Delicioso!


Jan Pinnington

Jan Pinnington is the founder of Healthy Hands Cooking.