Healthy Hands Cooking is For Sale

August 24, 2023

Hello friends.  

I wanted you to know that I’m preparing to sell Healthy Hands Cooking sometime later this year.  I wrote a full explanation as to why right here. 

Nothing about this decision was easy as I have grown to love and respect the community of our instructors, and the loyalty of our followers. In fact, I had some nice, unexpected communication with a brand new instructor this week who has been following HHC for 10 years and finally decided to join, as well as another wonderful lady who has been connected to us for the last 3 years…and I had no idea. This makes my heart so happy.  

I started HHC and have been running it for almost 10 years now, so the decision does not come lightly.  I have no idea if it will sell fast, slow, or somewhere in between, but my goal is to find a passionate, younger, more energetic version of myself (with some marketing savvy) or a mission-based organization that can catapult our children’s healthy cooking mission. 

Ideally, I’d love to see an HHC cooking instructor (or follower) take over the concept. This business can be run part-time, from home, from the convenience of wherever your laptop is. It’s also a perfect program that could be run by a non-profit such as a school, foster care organization, Girl Scouts, or Boys and Girls Clubs, etc., so if you know anyone who might be interested in learning more about this opportunity, please ask them to take a look at our for sale page. I’m happy to provide a “finder’s fee” to the person who ultimately connects us to a mission-focused buyer. 

I’m a big believer that God will bring the right person (or organization) at the right time, so I’m not fretting and I’m in no hurry. I want to do this right for our customers, prospects, and their businesses. 

In saying that, this transaction could take quite a while, so it’s business as usual until then.  

Please help me by sharing with anyone you can think of who may be interested or share with organizations that would benefit from having a nutrition-based culinary program and portal for their students. 

Lastly…The logo on the right was our first logo, created by my 11-year-old daughter. She’s now 23! It’s amazing how a job doesn’t feel like a job when you’re doing what you love! 🙂 XO Jan

HHC logo past and present


Jan Pinnington

Jan Pinnington is the founder of Healthy Hands Cooking.