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HHC Instructor Spotlight- Nancy Kvamme

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HHC is inspired and awed every day by the wonderful group of women and men who have come together for a common purpose, to defeat childhood obesity and better the lives of children and adults  all over the country by empowering them with basic kitchen skills and nutrition information through fun hands-on HHC Cooking Classes.

We want to share the stories of these amazing people with you so that you can see the delightful diversity and passion we see every day!

Today we will feature HHC Certified Instructor, Nancy Kvamme of Fargo, North Dakota.

Nancy has been an office manager for a Real Estate Appraisal company for 28 years and an HHC Certified Instructor since 2014.

Nancy loves cooking and baking, reading, crafts especially cross stitch projects.

We asked Nancy what attracted her to HHC and why she decided to start her HHC Business.

Nancy said that, although she doesn’t have children, she does have nieces and nephews and has had a passion to teach children in two areas of personal finance and cooking. Nancy used to write a blog about personal finance and teaching kids about money.  She has been a volunteer for a program called Junior Achievement for about 8 years. Junior Achievement is a program where business people or parents go into classrooms and present information on personal finance and business lessons.

A couple years ago Nancy was contemplating offering cooking classes for children, that’s when she discovered HHC online, signed up and became certified right away.  While still working full time, she has been able to complete the certification and hold classes successfully.  Nancy hopes to transition from her full-time job to teaching HHC Classes full time.

We asked Nancy what she loved most about HHC and our mission to defeat obesity and related diseases.

Nancy felt that both finances and cooking are life skills that kids need to learn and noted that both are not usually taught enough in school or at home.  She feels the healthy cooking we teach through HHC is a vital step toward healthier habits and she is thrilled to be a part of it.  Nancy is so glad she was able to attend the first annual HHC instructor Conference. She said it was nice to be able to meet other instructors and share stories and ideas. It was the first time any of us had met in person but it was like getting together with long lost friends, since we all have the same mission of sharing the message of HHC. We couldn’t agree more!

Along with the fulfillment she receives from teaching kids, Nancy has been inspired to try new foods and started eating healthier since becoming an instructor. HHC has helped her step out of her comfort zone when she was recently interviewed by a local news program.

We love seeing all of the great things Nancy is doing in her Fargo community and cannot wait to see all of her future successes.

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Jan Pinnington

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