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Make it a Healthier Holiday with these Tips from HHC.

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Holiday Table SettingThe holidays are typically filled with a multitude of celebrations and feasts containing decadent desserts, loaded casseroles, and unhealthy dishes. Going overboard can cause upset digestive systems along with
unnecessary caloric intake. A few simple steps can help you navigate your upcoming holiday parties.





Partake in smaller meals throughout the day and eat a small snack before the party such as a piece of fruit or carrots and hummus. This will help you from arriving ravenous at the party overeating.

Make Smart Choices

When choosing from a plethora of food offerings at the celebration, start by filling your plate with fresh fruit, vegetables, or salads as your first course. Wait for a bit before going back for entrees and desserts, this will allow adequate time for your stomach to register it is full.

Portion Control

When enjoying heavier dishes try limiting the quantity and eat smaller portions by taking a small serving of these
items. Typically, eating a bite or two of a desired dish will satisfy your cravings without eating an entire serving.


Drinks filled with sugar such as sodas, punch, or alcohol are typically served at holiday parties. Reduce your sugar intake by alternating glasses of water or club soda with fresh fruit with the higher sugar content drinks.

Bring your Own

Offer to bring a dish to the party or celebration for everyone to share. Make a healthier version of a dish you really enjoy. This will ensure that there is at least one healthy offering for you to savor during the party.

The Reason for the Season

Most importantly, remember that the holidays are a special time of year to enjoy the company of your family
and friends. Create new memories surrounding the special people in your life versus focusing on food.

How do you keep your holiday on the healthier side? We would love to hear your tips.

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