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Healthy Hands Cooking Declares Submission of Utility Design Application

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­­press-release-healthy-hands-cookingHealthy Hands Cooking Declares Submission of Utility Design Application

May 26, 2017 – Columbia, SC – Today, Healthy Hands Cooking, along with McNair Law Firm in Greenville, SC and software development team from Columbia, SC is excited to announce their declaration submission for utility design and/or design application with the USPTO as the first, online, 24/7, healthy cooking certification, business training, and certification process to help fight childhood obesity and improve the health of children and families.

“Healthy Hands Cooking (HHC) is the world’s first and only online community designed to create and support thousands of women-owned small businesses to attack childhood obesity and reduce its associated conditions and costs”, states Jan Pinnington, Founder and CEO.  “Women (and men) anywhere can go to Healthy Hands Cooking and receive training, education, certification, mentorship, support, and their own HHC website with all the tools needed to properly start, track, and grow a business in their community to teach children and families about healthy cooking and nutrition through fun classes, camps, birthday parties and educational events.”

Each self-employed HHC instructor has the choice to set up their business part-time, full-time, or hire unlimited certified helpers to grow their business in multiple locations at once. Families anywhere can also use the online system to register their children or themselves for HHC classes nationwide.

HHC’s vision is to connect its custom developed technology platform with an army of licensed certified instructors and grow from the current 365 to 15,000 in North America by 2022 teaching 1.5 million children/year with skills that they can use for life.



Healthy Hands Cooking is a movement to fight childhood obesity by certifying and empowering instructors to teach children and families about nutrition and healthy cooking. Our instructors are passionate moms, dads, teachers, nutrition grads, entrepreneurs, wellness advocates and more.

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Jan Pinnington

Jan Pinnington is the founder of Healthy Hands Cooking.

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