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HHC Pitches The Dolphin Tank

This isn’t about Sharks or Dragons, or a competition for the best idea of the moment. The Dolphin Tank is about providing promising young companies with actionable insights from knowledgeable industry experts. This process helps inspire entrepreneurs by providing great feedback to enable them to grow their startups into amazing businesses that solve customer problems.  It’s all about Friendly Feedback… not a Feeding Frenzy.  What happens in the Dolphin Tank?  Each company gives a 3-minute elevator pitch – no slides allowed!  A panel of seasoned entrepreneurs, investors and industry veterans – provide feedback on what they liked about each presenting company as well as suggestions for improving business models, marketing approaches or other aspects of their businesses.

The floor is opened for the audience to ask questions and provide suggestions or advice.
Presenting entrepreneurs may even gain a connection or two!

After the day of presentations, companies have the opportunity to network with conference attendees and Dolphin Tank panelists over cocktails during InBIA’s annual conference Welcome Reception. Presenting companies may also attend the Monday morning keynote session featuring Alex Osterwalder.

Who Will Pitch?

InBIA member portfolio companies interested in participating completed the application process earlier this year. The applications were reviewed and the following companies have been selected to present in one of two pools, each with a panel of experts.

FTF (Food/Travel/Fun) Pool


Birame Sock, CEO at VOO Media and a Springboard alum
Jacqui Chew, CEO at iFusion
Evan Goldberg, Director at AR | PR
Competing Companies:

The Traveler
The Tabanca Box
Healthy Hands Cooking Healthy Hands Cooking
Progressively Getting Better Inc.
Venue Viking

Tech/Life Sciences Pool


Terry Chase Hazel – General Manager at Research Valley Partnership
Carol Wideman – CEO of Vcom3D
Joy Randels – Founder & CEO, Applied G2 & New Market Partners
Competing Companies:

Leche Lounge, LLC
Agenda: April 17, 2016

09:45 – 11:45 am: FTF (Food/Travel/Fun)
12:00 – 01:00 pm: Lunch
01:30 – 03:30 pm: Tech/Life Sciences
Attend the Pitch Event

This event is open to anyone interested in watching these emerging companies present their ideas. There is a fee to attend, which includes lunch and networking with all of Sunday’s Preconference attendees.

Fee: $75.00

Click here to register.

Application Process and Pitch Preparation

The application window is currently closed.

All travel expenses for presenters, including hotel rooms in Orlando, are the responsibility of the presenting companies. We encourage InBIA members to seek local sponsors in their respective cities for financial assistance to help cover travel costs for selected companies.

What’s the story behind Dolphin Tank?

For over a decade, Springboard has served as a platform for recruiting, coaching, showcasing, promoting and supporting women entrepreneurs who want to grow their companies BIG. We know that entrepreneurs often have a very short time to attract the attention of those strategic connections that can catapult their businesses forward and we believe that in most cases it’s all about how you pitch and who you meet. Dolphin Tank sessions have been featured at events in New York City, Boston, Washington DC, SXSW/Austin; Rio De Janeiro, Brazil; Los Angeles, California; and New Delhi, India.





Jan Pinnington

Jan Pinnington is the founder of Healthy Hands Cooking.

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