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Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

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chocolate dipped strawberries, healthy hands cookingChocolate dipped strawberries make an occasional tasty treat. Try this healthy recipe and visit Healthy Hands Cooking to learn about our instructor opportunity and healthy cooking classes.









Chocolate dipped strawberries make an occasional tasty treat.

Makes: 6-8 servings

Time: 20-25 Minutes



  • 2Pounds Organic Strawberries, washed and dried, stems left on
  •  16 oz. Dark Organic Chocolate Chips
  •  Waxed Paper
  •  Toothpicks


Poke a toothpick into the end of each strawberry (into the green stem area) to create stability.

Fill a medium pot with a couple inches of boiling water (either from an electric kettle or boil the water on a heated element such as a stove top or electric burner).

Turn off the heat, and place a medium glass bowl directly into the water.

Add chocolate to the bowl and stir gently until melted.

Holding the strawberries by the stem or toothpick, dip half of each strawberry into the chocolate.

Place on waxed paper and allow to cool until hardened.

*Hint:  only dipping half the strawberry reduces the amount of chocolate used. **Makes approximately 40 strawberries.




Jan Pinnington

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